Mr. P.B. Sajan

P.B.Sajan is an architect by education and practice; he has been trained and mentored by Laurie Baker. He is the Member Secretary of the Board of Governors of the LBC; Chief Architect and Joint Director at COSTFORD. A committed disciple of Laurie Baker from the beginning of his career, he has been passionately promoting Laurie Baker's approach to architecture and building construction through project execution as well as research and dissemination of knowledge in cost effective technologies through policy advocacy and numerous training programmes to a diverse group of people, both from India and abroad. Some of his projects include design of over two thousand residential buildings in different economic ranges; twenty six slum rehabilitation projects; many eco-restoration projects; redesign and execution of tribal hamlets; school buildings, campuses and hospitals. His current focus in research is on using mud and bamboo as an alternative to high energy consuming building materials.