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Bamboo Housing : Bamboo as an Alternate Building Material
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We are happy to introduce our new publication : "UNTOLD Conversations through Laurie Baker houses".

Published jointly by LBC and COSTFORD
Full colour, 110pages, Hardbound, Price Rs.600/-, Coffee Table type.
Laurie Baker is known for his cost-effective architecture, which is site-specific, climate-responsive, energy-efficient and user-oriented. Lauire Baker's works have largely remain undocumented . The LBC has undertaken to document his works, with the help of COSTFORD.
This book, the first in the Laurie Baker homes documentation endeavour, documents five homes designed and constructed by Laurie Baker. It includes technical drawings of the buildings, photographs and brief descriptions of the architecture. Equally importantly, it includes the people he designed for - his interactions with them during the co-creation of their homes, how he accommodated their hopes and dreams, and as many stated, his lifelong influence on them.
This book attempts to share the architecture, the man behind the architecture and the voices of the people he designed and built for.
It is our hope that these intimate details of Baker homes will inspire the policy makers, architects, builders and above all, the people at large to move towards an environmentally sustainable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing habitat.
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