LBC Exposure Programme

The exposure programme aims to imbibe the spirit of sustainable habitat developmentthrough sharing of knowledge on alternative techniques in architecture and construction of buildings, techniques that are based on green habitat and affordable, environment friendly and aesthetically appealing principles. These include use of bamboo, mud, bricks, granites and recycling of used building materials. Architectural designs suited to given climatic conditions, optional use of natural lighting and ventilation are also part of the training programme.
Initiated in 2012, this programme attracts students of architecture of different colleges from all over India as participants. So far, the programme has consistently attracted more than 500 students every year.The programme is twenty eight hours long, and uses a combination of teaching methodologies.

1. Lecture-cum-discussions on Laurie Baker's approach to architecture and buildings .
2. Practical sessions encouraging hands-on exercises on varied alternatives in architecture.
3. Site visits to completed and ongoing projects which are based on the cost effective building technologies and Baker's construction approaches.
4. In addition, an informal one hour long post-dinner discussion is held with the participants to facilitate and encourage more interaction and learning.

Lectures are held on the topics given below. Faculty for the lectures comes from both within and outside the LBC. Classes are conducted at the LBC campus as well as at the SEWA hall in the adjoining campus, depending on the number of participants.

1. Towards a Green Habitat : Approaches and Examples
2. Introduction to Laurie Baker, COSTFORD, LBC and Baker's philosophy
3. Energy considerations in architecture and building construction
4. Cost Effective Construction Technology -Part I and II
5. Lecture on "Climate Responsive Architecture"

Exposure programme Exposure programme Exposure programme Exposure programme

Exposure programme Exposure programme